Workplace Campaign Guide

Why organize a Campaign to benefit the United Way of the Southern Alleghenies?

When you organize a United Way workplace campaign, you have the opportunity to educate employees about the needs right here in our community and connect them with easy ways to give back. Whether through volunteering opportunities, donations, or advocating, statistics show that employees who work for companies that have a Corporate Social Responsibility Program are more productive and happier in the workplace. 

Where do you start?


Connect with a Community Relationship Manager at the United Way of the Southern Alleghenies. 

Community Relationship Manager in Cambria and Somerset

Rick Kazmer

Community Outreach Coordinator in Blair County

Imani Vaughn

Campaign Chairs

Tocqueville Society Chair
Ed Sheehan - President & CEO
Concurrent Technologies Corporation


Invite us in! We would love the opportunity to present our message to your employees! What matters is that the organization, business, or individual becomes familiar with the United Way and also gains insight into how the UWSA is an independent, volunteer driven, community leading organization responsible for creating, expanding, and accelerating social change in Blair, Cambria and Somerset Counties. 


Key Documents

2022-2023 Pledge Form

United Way At A Glance

United Way Logos

UWSA - Logo


Campaign Video


Partner Agency Testimonials

Video - The Power of Volunteering with UW

Video - Children's Vision Screening Program

Video - Botvin LifeSkills Testimonial

Video - Next Step Center Testimonial

Video - Victim Services Testimonial

Video - Small Town Hope Testimonial

Community Impact Stories About Programs We Support

Women's Help Center

Victim Services

Nurse-Family Partnership

Children's Vision Screening Program

Drop In Center

Next Step Center - Somerset County Homeless Shelter

I Live United Graphics

I Live United To Give Youth A Healthy Future

I Live United To Help Feed Community Members In Need

I Live United To Help More Than 58,000 People

Nurse-Family Partnership Success Story Graphic

Workplace Coordinators Role is to publicize the United Way campaign where you work, schedule presentations, distribute and collect pledge forms, and coordinate any other fundraisers that can bring staff together for fundraising and team-building exercises. The time commitment varies based on the size of the workplace, but the typical campaign period is usually just two weeks. At the end, you will be asked to complete the simple Company Report Form and submit it along with any cash/checks collected, as well as copies of employee pledge forms, to the United Way. We encourage you to attend United Way kickoff event in September and our allocation event in May. This is your opportunity to see the organizations that your dollars fund, receive their grants.